About Us

About Imagine Schools

“Developing Character, Enriching Minds”

Imagine Schools’ vision is for every student to reach his or her full potential and discover the pathways for life-long success.

Founded in 2004, Imagine Schools is a national non-profit family of public charter schools preparing students for lives of leadership, accomplishment and exemplary character. Our non-profit network consists of 60 public charter campuses educating more than 30,000 students in 9 states and the Dis-trict of Columbia. Imagine Schools partners with parents and guardians to educate their children, pro-viding high quality schools that develop the character and enrich the minds of the students we are privileged to serve.

While charter schools have flexibility in choosing curriculum and developing effective teaching practic-es, Imagine charter schools are public schools. This means our schools must meet the same academic performance standards as traditional district schools, as required by federal and state laws. Local gov-erning boards provide oversight and accountability, partnering with Imagine Schools for comprehen-sive educational and operational expertise, support and programmatic variety.

As members of the Imagine Schools’ network, our schools share a common culture based on Shared Values and Measures of Excellence. These elements are foundational to our approach and belief in edu-cating the whole child. While each school is uniquely tailored both in curriculum and structure, the integration of character development with academics sets Imagine campuses apart.

Our work is guided by three shared values: Justice, Integrity, and Fun. We apply “Joy at Work,” a unique organizational culture that puts teachers and school leaders squarely responsible for the decisions affecting the schools and students we serve.

We are privileged to partner with parents, communities, and local governing boards to deliver a high quality education that prepares students for life-long success.


A highly effective school results from a rigorous academic program in a culture of trust and high expectations, led by a visionary instructional leadership team and imple-mented by talented, dedicated teachers. At Imagine Schools we monitor and evaluate our school performance based on Measures of Excellence:

Academic Growth
Academic Growth defines our strong belief that students’ progress toward proficiency and beyond is the most accurate indicator both of a student’s and a school’s academic strength. It is imperative that every Imagine student develops the skills and habits for successful learning. Imagine educators, students, parents, and board members support and adhere to the Imagine Schools Academic Excellence Framework, which specifies increased rigor, focus, effectiveness, and accountability. This Framework includes an expectation that every student will reach or exceed grade level proficiency within three or fewer years while attending an Imagine School. Imagine educators design their instruction to empower each student to make significant academic progress that is both measured and celebrated.
Character Development
Character Development begins with Imagine teachers and staff teaching, modeling and integrating virtues into every aspect of the school curriculum and culture. Students learn to set academic and personal goals. They grow in their ability to successfully meet their goals as they practice integrity and diligence, while taking responsibility for their studies. Our focus on character helps students attain the virtuous habits needed to live fruitful, honorable lives.
Parent Choice

Parent Choice is a key indicator of Imagine Schools’ performance. Parents choose an Imagine school because the school provides the academic quality, character development, and nurturing environment they want for their children. Imagine Schools’ educators provide a positive learning environment by working closely with parents and guardians to fulfill a collaborative responsibility for the academic and personal growth of their children.

School Development
School Development refers to Imagine Schools’ operational strength—improving each school and enhancing our ability to serve students with a rigorous, relevant education. We operate our schools with integrity, accountability, and a passion for academic excellence. Our schools provide safe, ethical, joyful cultures of learning where adults and students alike can thrive and grow.
Economic Sustainability
Economic Sustainability means stewarding public funds to optimize our students’ educational outcomes. Imagine educators ensure, to the best of their ability, that our schools operate within their means and that all resources are used to benefit students’ education. Meeting our commitments to academic excellence, character development, and parent choice contributes to fully enrolled and economically sustainable schools.
Shared Values

Shared values are at the heart of who we want to be. Three particular values guide our work as an organization: Justice. Integrity. Fun.

Justice gives to each person what he or she deserves and what is appro-priate. Justice requires doing all in our power to ensure that every Imagine student has access to an outstanding education. Driven by the unique abilities and needs of each student, Imagine educators design instruction to equip all students to become successful learners. We align goals for each student and adult in our schools with what they need and deserve. Integrity means wholeness, or how things fit together. Integrity drives us to live and model consistent ethics inside and outside the school. Integrity requires responsibility and accountability. It means every aspect of what and how we teach is done with rigor and fidelity. We hold ourselves indi-vidually and collectively accountable for strong academic outcomes, with each individual fulfilling his or her responsibility so that all students can succeed.

Fun means cultivating a Joy at Work environment in every school we op-erate. In our schools, each person has the opportunity to use his or her unique talents and experience to make important decisions contributing to the success of the school. Joy at Work combines integrity and justice with accountability for our decisions in order to achieve outstanding results for students and families.

Principal’s Letter

Welcome to Imagine Schools at West Melbourne!

Your child will receive the most personal attention possible at our school. Our individual focus on learning, character education, innovative programs, accelerated curriculum, and high expectations is what sets us apart and allows our certified teachers to devote more time and attention to your child. The staff here is committed to the shared values of Imagine Schools and is committed to our goal of being a cornerstone of the community.

Imagine West Melbourne strives to create an environment where teachers and parents share common goals for student achievement.

Imagine West Melbourne is a K-6 public charter school educating over 600 students in West Melbourne, FL which is located in Brevard County. We are part of the Imagine Schools network of charter schools.

In addition to the state accountability system, we use six Measures of Excellence to evaluate the effectiveness of each Imagine charter school. The measures are academic growth, character development, economic sustainability, parent choice, school development, and shared values.

We are here to partner with parents and guardians in the education of their children. We welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback at any time. I invite you to visit and see all of the advantages of being part of the Imagine School’s Family!

Brian DeGonzague