Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are independently operated public schools. There is no charge to parents because funding comes from state and local taxes. Charter schools must meet the same academic requirements as traditional public schools but are also directly accountable to parents.

What are the office hours?

For a complete listing of our office, education full & half day hours click here.

What is the focus of your curriculum?

We use a Curriculum which aligns with the State Standards. Click here for an overview.

Is your school free?

Yes, our school is a state-funded, independent public school that is free to all students. We do however, often have a waiting list.

Do you have a lunch program?

Yes. Lunch is available. We participates in the National School Lunch Program.

Does this school offer special education services?

Yes, as a public school, we provide special education services aligned with the student’s IEP.

Does the school call me when my student has an unexcused absence?

Yes, our office personnel will make daily calls whenever your student is absent and we have not received a call from the parent/guardian excusing that day’s absence.

Do you offer after school extra curricular activities?

Currently, there are extra curricular activities that are offered. However, they may vary from year to year, depending on the demand for the activity.

Are Imagine Schools teachers highly qualified?

Yes, our teachers are highly qualified and continuously educated in all areas to ensure the best possible education for your student.

Does your school have a dress code?

Yes, all students are required to adhere to our board approved dress code. For specific details please refer to our Parent/Student Handbook found. It can be found on our documents page, click here.